The Kite Machine Release New Single, ‘Your Touch’

The Kite Machine is like nothing you’ve ever heard before, in fact, not even close. Their pulsating synth wave rock sound uncovers a whole new breadth of sonics that stands out above the noise. Pulling influences from funk gods Daft Punk, the Australian outfit wanted to channel this energy alongside guitar centred rock n roll, and the result is simply staggering. Think Royal Blood but with a supercharged funk edge.

After the huge success of their self titled debut album back in 2019, the band have been working hard on new material and arrive with their thunderous new single ‘Your Touch’. Packed full of immediate hooks and explosive guitars and synths, this embodies everything The Kite Machine are, one giant beat after another. A song all about that feeling you get when you start falling in love with someone, ‘Your Touch’ is fast faced, colourful and groovy all at the same time, with a production that will knock you senseless into the euphoria they have so brilliantly created – and that’s psychedelic dance rock with a dark indie synth underbelly.

A groundbreaking and spine tingling sound that will unearth and hit you instantaneously, there is so much to love about The Kite Machine and their totally unique offering. Entering into a super exciting new genre packed full of heavy synths, sweaty dance beats and guitars that don’t give you a second’s rest, The Kite Machine is a relentless fusion that you won’t be able to switch off. 

Check out ‘Your Touch’ below.

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