Valleyheart Share New Video For ‘Heal My Head’

Massachusetts trio VALLEYHEART, who craft dynamic, cinematic alternative rock earmarked by lyrical eloquence and sweet melodies, released their second album Heal My Head on the 3rd of June, 2022 via Tooth & Nail.

“It’s experimental, glitchy — industrial, almost,” says singer Kevin Klein, offering a keen insight into the track and its origin story. “We wanted to write a chorus that would be so stuck in your head, that it would almost feel like it was driving you mad. A lot of the production choices were made from this place of wanting the listener to feel like they were losing their mind — going mad. Hard panning, filtered vocals, unusual effects, dissonant harmonies, changing time signatures. Fun fact: canvas sheets were placed over the snare drum, and in between the hi-hats to create a muted, electronic-like feel to the drums on the first half of this track.”

As for the accompanying visual, Klein says, “The director, Mark Bloodworth (Made by Bloodworth) and I started brainstorming ideas to make a beautiful yet distorted/messed up performance visual experience. The video used a visual AI synthesis method called StyleGAN that morphs faces into each other and into various abstract people. He used our faces and some others. The aspect of ‘Heal My Head’ and identity fit this visual effect perfectly. Mark also used tons of other AI and morphing visual effects in there too. A lot of it was also done on VHS and DigiCam. It was really cool to utilize tons of different ideas, cameras, styles and location to make this. The goal of this video was to provide an insane overflow of input and for the human eye and mind.”

Taking us even further into the clip, he finishes, “We shot most of the video in the basement of the church of Mark’s dad, where we actually used to practice during the pandemic and wrote most of the Heal My Head record there. It felt very full circle to be back in that same room, The other locations were deep in the woods at midnight, the backyard at Mark’s parents, and a club.”

Check out the video for ‘Heal My Head’ below.

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