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This is just a quick post to address one question I’ve had recently, where’s all the blog media gone?

By the Blog Media, I mean all the files for posts so tour posters and past show pics etc. The thing is… I’ve had to delete them! They’ve had to be deleted to make room for more stuff in the future. There’s only a limited amount I can fit and sadly some media has has to go.

Band Interview Of The Day – Wild Horse

  1. If you could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

We are Wild Horse. We are made up of brothers Jack Baldwin (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys) and Henry Baldwin (bass, guitar, keys, backing vocals), and their longtime friend Ed Barnes (drums, backing vocals, guitar). Our music is essentially a hub for our vast array of influences which incorporates pop, funk, rnb, rock, punk, country, blues, gospel, opera etc. 

How did you all meet?

Well, as mentioned, Jack and Henry are brothers so they’ve known each other quite a long time! And Jack and Ed met in primary school. There’s a funny story about that. One day their class had to do a paired reading and neither Jack or Ed had anyone to read with. Jack went over to Ed and said “I have no one to read with”, Ed said he didn’t either and asked “do you want to pair up?”, Jack said yes. Ed humorously picked Where’s Wally to read and then said “do you want to be friends?” Jack said “yeah alright” and they’ve been close friends ever since. 

  1. How long have you been playing?

We started out really young. Jack was only 11, Ed was 12 and Henry was 14. So we’ve been playing together for 9 years already! 

  1. What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Slick, fun, colorful. 

  1. What are your musical influences?

In terms of our influences, we have an extremely wide range. We listen to all kinds of genres. Anything from Pavarotti to Kanye West. Because of this, it would be impossible to individually name all our influences but we incorporate the sounds of Pop, Soul, Rnb, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance, Disco, House, Trap, Gospel, Country, Blues, Britpop and Funk into our music. So any artists within these genres, we’re probably influenced by them. 

We are extremely inspired by people who have managed to mark their spot amongst the greats and have made a difference to the world. We hope to do the same through our music.

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty weird things. We once had this drunk guy dancing up the front with everyone. Our shows are really energetic so everyone dances so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. But then he starts trying to get on stage and steal our microphones to sing. We politely nudged him away when he would do so but at one point he pushed Jack completely out of the way and then started screaming down the mic like a psychopath. The bouncer came and literally dragged him out by his feet. That one was odd. We’ve also been flashed a few times which we have always found quite funny! 

  1. Being away from the stages in the last few years, where was the first place you visited when the restrictions were lifted?

I think the first shows we did once restrictions were gone was festivals. We love playing festivals so much as it’s such a lovey vibe and we missed festivals so we booked ourselves onto as many as we could. And since then we’ve just been playing as many shows as we can as we never want to take that for granted again. It’s our favorite thing to do and the two years we couldn’t do it were really difficult for us. 

  1. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?

To be honest, we don’t really have any guilty pleasures in terms of music. We don’t really care to hide our tastes out of embarrassment. We like all kinds of music. We love a bit of One Direction, which is probably the closest we’ve ever been to having a guilty pleasure! 

  1. What have you been listening to in the last few weeks?

The past few weeks we’ve been blasting out old Motown, Funk, soul. That kind of stuff. The Supremes, Parliament, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5. We’re addicted to it at the moment! 

  1. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Well, our new single “Joy Ride” is out everywhere now and your readers will love it so you should definitely check it out. We’re absolutely convinced that it’s the song of the summer. It’s an rnb, funky summer banger. We’ve also got our next song ready for release in a couple of months, and we’re about to head into the studio to record some more songs. So lots more to come, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! 

Check out Wild Horses latest track, ‘Joy Ride’ below.

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Death Blooms & Strange Bones Unite On New Single, ’25 Thousand Volts’

Both unique and exciting voices in the UK underground of alternative music (though threatening to tip into the mainstream), Liverpool metal act Death Blooms and Blackpool electro punk project Strange Bones have united on a new single ‘25 Thousand Volts’.

The track is a collision of heavy AF elements, drawing upon electronic and dance music as well as metal and rap, resulting in a powerfully artistic, glitched-up, growling party of a tune.

Bobby Wolfgang (Strange Bones) says “25 Thousand Volts is a pissed off Rottweiler snapping its jaws at 127BPM. A collision of two worlds, a nuclear mash of genre with an overtly threatening commentary yelled at you by two Northern English underdogs.’’ Paul Barrow (Death Blooms) adds “This is the soundtrack to the end of the world.”

Death Blooms released their debut album ‘Life Is Pain’ last year with 2021 also seeing them open up the landmark Download Pilot festival to uproarious response, get nominated for Best UK Breakthrough at the Heavy Music Awards, tour with Trash Boat and guest on daytime BBC Radio 1 with Paul’s “Guide to Metal”. This year, Death Blooms have been busy selling out headline dates up and down the country and also kicked up another stunner of a performance at Download Festival. 

Strange Bones’ debut album ‘England Screams’ was released last year too. It includes an incendiary feature from Bob Vylan and is a brutally bleak but viscerally real appraisal of the state of the nation. Strange Bones have appeared at the likes of Download UK and France, Live at Leeds, The Great Escape, and Reading And Leeds. Tour dates TBA but in the meantime, Bobby will be DJ-ing at “GREEBO” – Oli Sykes’ new clubnight at his Church venue on 9th July. 

Check out the video for ’25 Thousand Volts’ below.

Spyres Share New Track, ‘Lost Without You’

Fresh from their recent tour with Canadian rockers Softcult,  Spyres are gearing up for the release of their debut EP with the effervescent new single “Lost Without You”. It’s their most relatable release yet. 

Flexing their songwriting prowess, Spyres have succinctly summed up a crucial part of adolescence on “Lost Without You” –  when your best friend gets a new partner and the dynamic shifts, leaving both friends to navigate their new paths separately for the duration of that relationship. This is where the delicate harmonies of Emily Downie and Kiera McGuire pack a huge punch as sparkling guitar lines bring about a sense of nostalgia and optimism. Speaking on the new single, Spyres explain:  “this friendship will last a lifetime, probably much longer than the relationship that has caused this disruption. All the friend feeling left behind wants is for their friend to recognise that fact before they get caught up”. Who hasn’t been in this situation before? 

Inking their first recording deal with prolific independent label LAB Records (CRAWLERS, Vistas, Des Rocs) earlier this year, Keira McGuire said “Signing to LAB has really been so exciting! It’s something we’ve dreamed about since we began playing around 4/5 years ago so for this to be coming to life, it’s starting to feel much more real for us and we feel really lucky to have been given this opportunity so early on. It’s great to be on the same label as other artists we have listened to for a number of years such as Abbie Ozard and Hockey Dad. We met Abbie a few years ago while on tour with Lauran Hibberd and we loved watching her sets every night. We also saw Hockey Dad a couple of years ago in Glasgow supporting Courtney Barnett so it really feels full circle now being signed to the same label as these acts we have loved for such a long time.”

Mark Orr of LAB Records said “We have been long time admirers of Spyres on record – and finally seeing them at Live at Leeds in October just served to underline our belief that they’re one of the most exciting young bands around. They’ve achieved a great amount for a band with only 3 songs in the world – so we’re excited for everyone to hear the new music.”

Check out ‘Lost Without You’ via your preferred streaming service..


Moses Mikheyev Shares Haunting New Single, ‘Hollywood Hills’

Los Angeles based alt-rock singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and novelist Moses Mikheyev returns with his new single ‘Hollywood Hills’, taken from the upcoming debut album I Only Have A Hundred Years To Love You. Making extensive use of tape machines, analog equipment, and vintage gear Mikheyev captures a unique sound across the new album encapsulated brilliantly into the new single. 

‘Hollywood Hills’ is built around a story of Lucifer taking someone’s soul in exchange for providing gold, diamonds, money and fame – all the things Hollywood promises. At once haunting, atmospheric and musically emotive, the reverb drenched guitar lines and breathy vocals float over the tight live drums, deep electronic bass and subtle synth lines to create a soundscape full of intrigue and ear-worm hooks. 

Speaking on the single Moses Explains: “We really just wanted to create a haunting song around the myth and magic of Hollywood. Something sensual, sad, and nostalgic. A tribute to all the dead ghosts who lived and tried.”

Check out the track, ‘Hollywood Hills’ below.

Abbie Ozard Releases New EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’

Manchester’s Abbie Ozard releases new EP ‘Water Based Lullabies’ today via House Anxiety(Genesis Owusu, carpetgarden, Bad Boy Chiller Crew; formerly King Krule, Courtney Barnett, Vagabon). It’s an eclectic, invigorating 7-track collection that establishes Abbie as one of the buzziest rising stars in the UK right now.  

Throughout the EP Abbie experiments with her distinct, characterful indie-pop sound. Downtempo single ‘Grown’ set the foundations for an evolution in approach, born out of Abbie’s own personal and musical development, and anthemic singles ‘Pisces’ and ‘Rose Tinted’ take things to explosive new levels. Moving beyond bedroom origins, listeners can trace elements inspired by the likes Phoebe BridgersWolf Alice or Folklore/Evermore without losing her ear for a life-affirming hook. “I love that no two of my singles are sounding the same in this era,” Abbie explains, “The last thing I want to be is predictable. I feel like genre isn’t really a thing anymore and when I remind myself of that I feel like I can express myself creatively and have the freedom to make whatever music I want.” 

The ‘Water Based Lullabies’ EP is now via House Anxiety, available on all platforms, plus on limited edition 12-inch vinyl with exclusive fanzine bundle available to order now via the following link and check out the EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’ via your preferred streaming service.

Municipal Waste Release New Single, ‘Electrified Brain’

Richmond’s hard-charging, thrash metal maniacs MUNICIPAL WASTE have released their 7th studio album, Electrified Brain, today via Nuclear Blast.

The band also recently debuted the album’s title track and third single, ‘Electrified Brain‘, arriving in the grotesque form of a face-melting horror short directed by esteemed FX artist Norman Cabrera.

Commenting on the single and video, guitarist Ryan Waste says:

“’Electrified Brain’ is a tale of revenge and redemption, continuing the concept of our song ‘Mental Shock’ rounding out the ‘Deathripper Trilogy.’  It’s about being wrongfully accused and stripped of your rights, only to overcome and break free through the electric power of heavy music. We called upon our friend Norman Cabrera once again to handle the title track music video after the incredible job he did on ‘Slime and Punishment.’ Visually he went above and beyond and it became a much more cinematic experience thanks to Rob Lucas at Wolfpack Studios.” 

Norman Cabrera adds about making the video:

“I pulled out all the stops for this video. It’s in the spirit of classic Heavy Metal videos like Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon and Dio’s The Last in Line. Sci Fi-Horror imagery lends itself very well to the vibe of the band. We’re channeling a bit of Cronenberg and Carpenter. The best sci fi movies of the past often take current events and put them in a fantastic setting. The video takes place in a not so distant dystopian future where your individuality can be taken away by a faceless organization. It’s a wild concept but not too far off from our world today.”

Check out the rack, ‘Electrified Brain’, below.

Oceans Ate Alaska Release First Track In Two Years, ‘New Dawn’

Birmingham based metal quintet OCEANS ATE ALASKA  have shared the visualizer for the brand new song “New Dawn“, the bands first new material in two years

The song meshes hard-hitting vocals with relentless rhythms.

“Does a new day bring light or darkness to those who endure?,” muses Harrison when speaking about the song. “Within the past two years, our world has changed significantly, and so have we. While biding our time since the last single (“Metamorph”), we’ve faced adversity and loss, yet also joyous moments as a band. ‘New Dawn’ epitomizes the death of what you once believed to be true.”

Check out ‘New Dawn’ below.