Press Club Release New Single, ‘Eugene’, New Record Endless Motion’ Coming In October

Melbourne, Australia- Rock band Press Club have announced new, self-produced album ‘Endless Motion’ due out 14th October 2022 on Hassle Records.

Alongside the announce, Press Club release single ‘Eugene’, a satisfyingly fuzzy and raucous track, packed with punchy guitars and unfalteringly energetic drums, all held together by lead singer Natalie Foster’s emotionally raw vocals. It’s a track that makes you feel those tense moments of insecurity but also that triumphant feeling of letting go. Foster says ‘Eugene’ is about “being stuck in a cycle of having so many things running through your head/things you need to say but being unable to express them in fear of being taken the wrong way.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Stream the tracks ‘Eugene’ as well as ‘Cancelled’ below.

1. Eugene
2. Coward Street
3. Untitled Wildlife
4. Glasgow
5. Endless Motion
6. Cancelled
7. Lifelines
8. Afraid Of Everything
9. I Can Change
10. Less These Days

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

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