Bigfatbig Share New Single ‘Shut Up’

Slacker-pop newcomers bigfatbig announce their arrival with EP lead single ‘Shut Up’, set to drop August 16th.

Partnering with Du Blonde’s revered indie label, the Sunderland two-piece showcase their indie credentials with an explosive new effort, marking the first reveal from their debut EP, slated for release this autumn following an extensive UK tour alongside pop-punk specialists Martha.

Speaking ahead of their upcoming release, vocalist Robyn Walker and guitarist Katie Ryall added: “Writing ‘Shut Up!’ was a hugely cathartic process for us both. We both come from very working class backgrounds meaning we have to be extremely resourceful in every asset of band-life. Although that doesn’t make us any less talented or worthy, it does often make it harder for us to succeed in this industry, despite giving everything we have (financially and emotionally). The lyrics are a reflection of that frustration and though they might sound a little harsh or to-the-point at first, for us it’s a matter of ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’ – we just mostly try not to take ourselves too seriously so it’s all tongue-in-cheek”.

Bigfatbig’s ‘Shut Up!’ is out August 16th via Daemon T.V and will be available on all digital platforms.

Listen to the track via your preferred streaming service.

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