Boxteles Return With New Single, ‘Relevant’

Boxteles hail from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and is comprised of Tom Bedford (vocals and guitar), Alex ‘Rex’ Richardson (bass), Ollie Harrison (guitar) and Oliver Perry (drums). Since their inception in 2018, they have all been heavily involved in the music business for years, giving them a birds-eye view of the ever-evolving industry and a clear vision of where the system no longer works.

Full of confidence, they now come into 2022 with arguably their heaviest track yet, in seminal release ‘Relevant’. Immediately hitting you with rip-roaring guitars and a singalong chorus line that will surely be a fan favourite at live shows, ‘Relevant’ is a flag in the ground; foundations laid ready to build sky-high.

‘Relevant’ is a huge statement of intent from the band that shows their versatility as musicians and songwriters. Incorporating a much more electronic sound, the song takes influence from a variety of sources producing a piece of music that can appeal to an eclectic range of musical tastes. The result is a massive sound that will carry for miles in what is a euphoric heavy rock single that demands your attention.

Check out ‘Relevant’ below.

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