Check Out Lande Hekt’s Latest Video for ‘Backstreet Snow’

Having recently announced her second solo album, Lande Hekt today reveals another track from the record. ‘Backstreet Snow’ is a song written at a time when we were all stuck inside and learning to live with being isolated, not doing the things we’ve always enjoyed. Says Lande of not being able to play shows in particular “I struggled to understand where my place was when I couldn’t play music with friends and be active within a scene. I also felt so lucky during the pandemic and lockdown. I lived with someone who loves me and had everything I needed, despite coming pretty close a few times to having no money at all. I honestly don’t know how some people coped at all, and it’s so sad that I guess some people didn’t.” 

The album ‘House Without a View’ will be released 23 September via her new venture Prize Sunflower Records (with Get Better Records doing the honours in North America). The announcement came alongside the release of its first single ‘Gay Space Cadets’, resolute in its guitar driven and jangly indie rock. Lande says of the alternatively aspirational track: 

“It’s a daydreaming song about wanting a life of excitement and adventure rather than a dull and ordinary life – one where people underestimate you and belittle you. And where you’re forced to buy into capitalism and become a pathetic, losing player in a game that you hate. I’d rather escape and live in a queer space fantasy and be brave.”

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