Idle Hours Release Debut EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’

Recently Manchester based Idle Hours have dropped their debut EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’.

With quizzical and assuring social commentary, Idle Hours culminates the sense of cruising rhythm with oncoming jagged guitar and melody. Pulled together from four distant English towns, the band’s garage rock sensibilities have already bagged them slots alongside the likes of The Lounge Society, Keg, The Rills and Silverbacks, in addition to several of their own sold-out hometown headline shows.

Marking their first major body of work, ‘The Fourth Wall’ showcases their flexibility and uniqueness in sound and character. Spearheaded by the driving, motorik-infused rhythms of ‘French Disconnection’ and ‘Souvenirs’, to the melodic ‘Made Flesh’, and infectious‘Televangelist’,  the group’s introduction to the indie landscape has certainly generated widespread acclaim (Gigwise, Clash, Beats Per Minute).

Check out the EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’ via the following link.

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