Turnover Share New Single, ‘Aint Love Heavy’

As they build anticipation for their new album, Virginia band Turnover have shared their new single ‘Ain’t Love Heavy’ featuring Bre Morell of Austin band Temple of Angels. ‘Myself in the Way’ is the band’s fifth full-length album out November 4th via Run For Cover Records. The new song is layered with synths, strings, and jangling guitar paired with vocalist Austin Getz’s smooth harmonies and Morell’s crisp vocals.

‘Myself in the Way’ was born out of Turnover’s desire to continue evolving their sound, making each body of work more exploratory than the last, but it’s also a byproduct of the band’s growth both as individuals and collectively. Armed with a flurry of new ways for the band to express themselves creatively, they challenged themselves to make their most ambitious body of work to date. Co-produced by frontman Austin Getz alongside frequent collaborator Will Yip, Myself In The Way sounds more expansive than anything they’ve done, intently honing in on sound design this time around, and yet it’s wholeheartedly more intimate and self-reliant on their vision and execution. Bassist Danny Dempsey painted the cover artwork himself, and longtime touring guitarist Nick Rayfield contributed songs to the album to lend an additional spark.

Check out ‘Ain’t Love Heavy’ below.

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