Introducing Angel Numbers, ‘Long May I Reign’

Angel Numbers are ready to make an indelible mark on the UK music scene with their crashing creativity, splicing electronica, shoegaze, pop and rock-fuelled elements to craft their own “electrogaze” aesthetic. Their vibrant new single ‘Long May I Reign’ is out today with music video, ahead of the band’s performance at Burn It Down Festival this weekend. They’ll also be supporting Holy Fawn in Manchester later this month. 

Says frontman and instigator Petr Vybiral of the new track: “‘Long May I Reign’ is inspired by a vision of the battle with the self as we confront the darkest corners of our collective psyche. It presents transformation as the only path forward in this day and age as we approach the breaking point on a societal and spiritual level. Honouring the forces that enable our existence is the primary message of the exploding chorus, the real climax of the song, whilst the verses illustrate how understanding ourselves, destroying ourselves and healing ourselves leads to the same results on the outside too. Whether or not we make it through the dark depends on how willing we are to confront it.”

Check out ‘Long May I Reign’ below.

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