New York Indie Pop Newcomers Me + Nobody Share Infectious Single, ‘SoHo’

New York indie-pop newcomers Me + Nobody share their infectious new single ‘SoHo’. Richie Anderson (vocals/guitar), Thomas Kinsella (lead guitar), Vinny Sutera (drums) and Joe Genduso (bass), each bring differing tastes and elements to their sound resulting in music which is full of pop sensibilities whilst retaining an air of passion and musical depth.

Bright, vibrant and yet, also emotive and melancholic, the new single ‘SoHo’ possesses an effortless likability with catchy vocals topping an uplift indie soundscape. Layers of intertwining picked guitar lines merge with synths and the bopping drums to create a track full of youthful energy, captivating musicality and commercial appeal. Instantly comparable to The 1975’s ‘Chocolate’, the single possesses all the hallmarks of a potential indie breakout. 

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “This song is about a lover who leaves for a while and the two of you fade apart. Some time goes by and then you see them out with a new person.”

Check out the track, ‘SoHo’ below.

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