Paraside Release New Single & Video For ‘Movin On’

Paraside have dropped their latest single, ‘Movin On’

Movin’ On is the second single from the first chapter of songs by Hungary- based American/Hungarian band Paraside. The style is an all-melodic rock sound with some 80s vibe mixed with symphonic and dance/trance elements. 

Paraside was formed in 2021 by Vic, Pete and Matt. Danny joined the band in 2022. Paraside is continuously working on new songs, so you can be sure that some new powerful tracks will arrive soon. 

Blending Matt and Danny’s love for modern rock and Vic’s passion for rock, EDM and musical comedy with huge soundstages, Pete’s progressive rock counterpart, you get a sure recipe for a complex, yet still melodic sound, combining catchy melodies with bass guitars and symphonic and dance/trance elements.

Check out the video for ‘Movin On’ below.

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