August Gonzalez Releases New Track, ‘Lxxkn 4 The L!te’

Up-and-coming multi-genre artist. August Gonzalez is creating a buzz about her unique sound, mixing hip-hop, pop-punk and indie pop. Her new single “Lxxkn 4 the L!te” kicks off as a straight-ahead rap-pop song, but then everything changes as once all the instruments kick in at 40 seconds, the rock energy takes the track to another level.

On the track, Gonzalez says:

“Back in 2017 I started doing these “Freestyle Fridays,” and one Friday a month I would record myself rapping over a beat and post it on my socials. So the first verse of this song (with a few changes) was originally a freestyle I posted back in 2020 during quarantine over Blink 182’s song “Miss You.” I remember during this time I was a bit depressed being stuck in my room 24/7 and I just wrote about how I was feeling and I didn’t like this sad version of myself and I missed the happy fun person I used to be before covid hit. 

So I have an amazing producer, (Brendan Carper of FIVE AM, LOVESBLIND) and I told him I had an old freestyle I wanted to make into a whole song. After I showed him I told him I wanted to change the entire vibe of the song. “Miss You” is slow and sad, and I wanted it to be the complete opposite. I wanted to speed it up and wanted it to sound uplifting, something you can just jam the fuck out to and makes you feel good! ”

Check out the video for ‘Lxxkn 4 the L!te’ below.

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