Doro Releases Surprise Single, ‘Raise Your First In The Air… In Heaven Mix’

Doro Pesch is celebrating 40 years in music in 2023! The highlight though?  That’ll be her anniversary hometown show, taking place on October 28th, 2023, in Düsseldorf. 

The metal queen already has another surprise up her sleeve. She has released a very unique single, never-before-heard in the musician’s long and successful career: a soulful adaptation of her classic metal anthem ´Raise Your Fist In The Air‘. 

The single has been made possible by the new ZDF (national German TV channel) music show ‘Music Impossible‘. In a new episode premiering today, viewers can watch DORO compete against German pop singer Mike Singer. Both artists were faced with the challenge of arranging and performing their own song, but in the opposite genre! This meant that DORO had to transform one of her heavy hits into her opponent’s trendy pop sound.

DORO commented: 
“It was incredibly difficult to find the right song for this format. Making a metal anthem sound pop, yet cool, was even harder. A real balancing act, which I think we managed very well.“

In addition to planned appearances at some of the world’s biggest festivals, next year, in time for her 40th anniversary, DORO is also working on a new album, certain to include ear-worm anthems, metal hits and wonderful ballads. 

Check out ‘Raise Your First In The Air (In Heaven Mix)’ below.

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