Sondra To Release New Single, ‘Inner Child’

New York-based singer and songwriter Xondra has dropped her latest single “Inner Child,”. The track will feature on her upcoming EP, ‘Tedious & Brief.’

“Inner Child” opens with Xondra’s stirring vocals and sparse instrumentation before surging into a lively rock-inspired chorus. Following on the heels of her powerful feminist anthem “Dead Girl,” which was released last month, “Inner Child” delivers another important message about finding the root of one’s pain and lovingly embracing it. 

“‘Inner Child’ is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it’s about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment,” Xondra writes. “I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. ‘Inner Child’’is me validating what I went through, even if it’s too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.”

Goldpark Release New EP, ‘Goldpark Two’

Indie-rock trio Goldpark have released their sophomore EP, ‘Goldpark Two,’ on October 21st via Hazel Street Records.

‘Goldpark Two’is the much-anticipated follow up to the band’s debut EP, ‘Goldpark One,’ which was released in 2021. Working with producer Jeremy Lutito (Ingrid Michaelson, Colony House, Joy Oladokun), the songs that make up ‘Goldpark Two’ feel confident, dynamic and inspired. Honing in on their energetic rock sensibilities, visceral storytelling and glistening pop melodies, it’s clear that the trio have found their identity as a band.

In a statement about the EP, Goldpark write: “This EP is special for so many reasonsWe had the right songs, the right producer (Jeremy Lutito), and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.” 

Check out the EP, ‘Goldpark Two’ below.

Sunsetto Shares New Single & Video For ‘Too Fast’

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer sunsetto has shared his new single & video, “too fast.” Layering an indelible, haunting chorus over an acoustic hook, sunsetto explores the power of attraction with compelling lyrics like “probably should be cautious / but you make it hard to do.” 

“‘Too Fast’ was inspired by the feeling of entering a new relationship and not wanting to take things slow because the vibe is so good,” 
sunsetto explains. “I wrote the song with no music, I was just hitting my chest on a voice memo and Lenno (producer) built the track around that.” 

Check out ‘Too Fast’ below.

Check Out Yungblud’s Trailer For ‘Mars’

YUNGBLUD’s upcoming short film based on his song ‘mars’ now has a premiere date. 

‘MARS’ will be shown for the first time digitally on November 17, during Trans Awareness Week..

It will feature an introduction from Dom and star Yasmin Finney and will be hosted by GLAAD.

YUNGBLUD had the following to say about it:

“I’m so honoured to present you our beautiful film MARS. I believe this is the start of something truly groundbreaking and truly special. This all came from the idea that we could facilitate bringing characters to life by assembling a team of cast and crew that fully represent the communities whose stories we wanted to tell. We set out to bring talented creatives together, some experienced, some whose star was already rising and some who’d never been on a film set before. 

Giving people a platform to tell their stories with truth and integrity means so much to me, and I feel that’s what we’ve achieved with this film. The love and friendship and warmth I felt being around this beautiful team was a hugely powerful experience, and I truly feel gives a little glimpse into the lives of young people.”

Check out the trailer below.

Knuckle Puck Release New Track, ‘Groundhog Day’

Massive news coming from Knuckle Puck.

  1. The band have signed to Pure Noise Records. They had the following to say on this:

“We could use this as an opportunity to put forth clichéd and tired expressions of “we couldn’t be more excited” or “stoked to announce..! But we think there is more worth and promise in simply saying this: we are working on a record that will be out next year on Pure Noise and we are immensely grateful to finally be working side-by-side with them.

And to celebrate, they have shared a new song, following on from the ‘Disposable Life’ EP that dropped earlier this year.

“Groundhog Day is a song about being in the throes of depression. Repeating patterns, ignoring your well-being, and isolating yourself until you finally make a change.”

Check out ‘Groundhog Day’ below.

BABYMETAL Releases New Track, ‘Divine Attack – Shingeki”

After announcing the details of their upcoming record, ‘THE OTHER ONE’ BABYMETAL have now shared the first track from it. 

‘Divine Attack’ kicks things up a fair bit all down to the driving atmosphere of what you’re about to experience.

Check out the track below.

Hawthorne Heights Release New Track, ‘Dandelions’

Hawthorne Heights have shared a new track, and it’s an intense one.

Vocalist JT Woodruff had this to say about it:

During the summer, I was walking through the most desperate and desolate place I’ve ever been, which is Bombay Beach, located in the Salton Sea area of California.  It is a perfect example of how we are quite literally ruining the world we live in, for our own temporary amusement.  This place was once a vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities in the golden age of America, and we ruined it because of over fertilisation and chemical runoff.  Now it is basically a cautionary tale of paradise being turned to dust.  

It made me realise how temporary we are, and how we must fight to protect the most beautiful parts of our world, and ourselves.  I felt like it was a perfect metaphor for how we are all using the internet to ruin ourselves, and how the last few years have turned us against the ones we’ve loved, and turned us into something we never wanted to be.  But hope is out there, and as we all work to rebuild and repair, we can’t help but feel like insignificant dandelion pods blowing in the breeze.

Check out the video for ‘Dandelions’ below.

Lzzy Hale Release Gory New Video For ‘The Cutter’

GWAR have dropped their latest video for ‘The Cutter’. IT’s one epic track which features Hailstorm’s Lzzy Hale.

In the video, Lzzy plays a big part in the piece and it’s pretty dman good!

Frontman Blothar had this to say:

Lzzy Hale is wonderfully talented. Few realize she is also an undercover Scumdog who came to Earth with the rest of GWAR aeons ago under her true name Clitaurus Maximus of the Maximus clan. We are delighted to have her voice and image on this work of absolute genius.” 

And Lzzy added this:

“I, Clitaurus Maximus The She Bull… hereby declare, THE CUTTER as myFIRST feature in a MOTHERFUCKING GWAR SONG!  Thank you so much to these interplanetary warriors for the much-appreciated bloodletting, and for giving this lil’ beast the opportunity to rear her three ugly heads!” 

Check out the video for ‘The Cutter’ but please be warned, it is extremely NSFW and not one for the squeamish.

Love Ghost Releases New Single, ‘Dirty Pixxx’

Love Ghost and Bali Baby have teamed up for their new single Dirty Pixxx. Produced by Mike Summers [Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne], it is a playful pop-punk anthem with romantic vibes. 

Bali Baby say on the release: “It’s 2022 & toxic levels are rising! My part is about the ups & downs of toxic relationships because we all know red flags tend to look a little pink when we in love & ESPECIALLY when she sending dirty pixxxs ( who can hate sexy pics ) but this toxic tale ends with me taking her shopping after we done fighting of course!”

Check out ‘Dirty Pixxx’ below.

Mayron King Premieres ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Video

Maryon King has returned with “Boys Will Be Boys (Heartbreak Version),” a stripped-back piano version of her latest single. 

Maryon released three singles last year, all of which performed impressive streaming numbers, and is now preparing to roll out her debut EP, starting with the release of “Boys Will Be Boys.” In addition to her own music, Maryon has also co-written and vocaled songs for Afrojack, Martin Jensen and Tiesto, performed on Sigala’s sold out tours in the UK and Ireland, and opened for BEKA on her sold out UK tour. 

Check out the video for ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ below.