Beauty School Share New Visuals For ‘Monster’

Currently wrapping up a UK Tour with The Dangerous Summer, Slam Dunk Records’ Beauty School have recently dropped the new video for their latest single “Monster”. 

Taken from their debut album “Happiness”, which was released earlier this month, keen fans from in and around Leeds will recognise The Key Club in the new visuals for “Monster” which sees thee band cleverly bring their lyricism to life, all keeping it in the Beauty School world. 

“Monster is a song about feelings of unease and recognising behaviours that enable anxious feelings.” says Beauty School. We felt like we wanted to caricature some of that with the video. We wanted the video to be fun but we wanted it to make people feel a little bit uneasy at the same time. So we dressed Jordan as a clown. That is enough to make anyone feel uneasy. To be fair to Jordan he took to playing a creepy clown really well. Perhaps concerningly.”

Upon single release, vocalist Joe Cabrera explained “Monster”  in greater detail: “Monster is a song about being dysfunctional during bouts of depression. Locking yourself away in a room playing video games in the dark. Waking up late and convincing yourself it’s ok to live this way.”

Check out the video for ‘Monster’ below.

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