BIGFATBIG Annoucne Debut EP, Share New Single, ‘Brink Of My Sanity’

Slacker-pop newcomers bigfatbig announce the forthcoming arrival of debut EP ‘Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot’, set for release November 4th via Daemon T.V, and share brand new single ‘Brink Of My Sanity’, out today (September 29th). 

Joining forces with Du Blonde’s revered indie label, the bubblegrunge duo (FFO Martha, Charly Bliss, Muncie Girls) have already attracted early press acclaim from the likes of Consequence of Sound and Rough Trade following the release of explosive lead track ‘Shut Up!’, with the band primed to continue their ascent as they embark on an extensive UK tour alongside pop-punk specialists Martha next month, in addition to a newly announced show supporting Peaness.

Detailing their newest release, vocalist Robyn Walker explained: “I wrote ‘Brink Of My Sanity’ after a very overwhelming few weeks when I felt like every little obstacle was the end of the world. For me, it’s a song about going back to basics: remembering to breathe, thinking of the bigger picture, and how in years to come none of these small issues will matter despite how they feel right now. When I inevitably find that lost perspective, losing my head always feels utterly ridiculous, but Brink of My Sanity is a song that recognises how important it is to work through those feelings. When it feels like the universe is against you – even for a minute – regaining that clarity is a very sobering and reassuring feeling. It’s my reminder to myself that nothing is ever as bad as it feels, and I’m never alone in feeling that way. One foot in front of the next, one day at a time, take a deep breath and go again”.

Check out ‘Brink Of My Sanity’ below.

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