Check Out Chuggaboom’s Latest Video For ‘No Rules, ‘No Limits’

After the booming reaction to last month’s single “Should Have Been” featuring Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn, Chuggaboom have followed up fire with fire, releasing their new single “No Rules, No Limits” today. It’s everything you could want from Chuggaboom – it’s in your face, undeniably heavy and loaded with trademark Chugga-attitude. Speaking on the new single, Levi Taurus says: “This song is kind of unlike anything we’ve released before. This is ChuggaBoom at it’s most hype. There was only one guideline for this track – it needs to go hard.

“I have been pushing myself as a vocalist a lot over the last couple of years, and this is one of the songs from the record that showcases some of my efforts. Lyrically, it’s about just letting loose, making the most of the night, and living the Chuggalo lifestyle.”

Check out the video for ‘No Limits’ below.

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