Uzumaki Release New Single, ‘Loserella’

London-based alt-rock upstarts Uzumaki are ready to make an indelible mark on the scene with the purest of melodies and riffs with more than a hint of 90s nostalgia.

Says vocalist Alex Cheung “‘Loserella’ was written from a time of conflict between adolescence and adulthood, navigating air-headed-ness and ‘responsibility’ (whatever that means). The track – like many Uzumaki songs – can be interpreted in many ways depending on where you are in your own life, correlating with your experience in relationships with partners, friends, objects or even vices.

The track explores love and admiration for something or someone that is either initially or eventually perceived as much as an enemy as an aid. I think we can all relate to this juxtaposing idea; complaining about the rain, followed by complaining about the heat. Searching for the one, then feeling trapped in a relationship. Desperate for the job, then hating attending work. ‘Loserella’ sits on the positive side of this fence, embracing the love for the very thing you might consider an antagonist.”

Check out ‘Loserella’ below.

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