Band Interview Of The Day – Leaving Eden

If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

I am Eric Gynan and it is my pleasure to chat with you here, from The Boston Massachusetts area USA.

Leaving Eden & Silver Springs Fleetwood Mac Tribute is: (2 different bands)

Eve: Lead vocals

Alyssa Bailey: White Keys/Vocals

Jake Gynan: Drums

Rich Chouinard: Bass/Vocals

Eric Gynan: Guitar/Vocals

Myself, Eve, and Rick the bass player, we played in a band together before Leaving Eden a long time ago and it was really good.  After the first hundred people came up to me and told me how great Eve was, I knew that I had to do something for her. Then Jake decided to join and Alyssa, we met at a gig, and she wanted in. The rest is history as they say. 

What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Eclectic, rock, melodic

What are your musical influences?

Anything new, rock ‘n’ roll.  Black Sabbath, Richie Blackmore, Disturbed, Shinedown and acoustic stuff like Simon and Garfunkel. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Well we’ve seen a lot. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen was a guy with his body painted and his privates just hanging out. 

Being away from the stages in the last few years, where was the first place you visited when the restrictions were lifted?

Well we were fortunate. When the restrictions came yes, our whole schedule was canceled and we’re always booked up to a year in advance. However after the first month and a half or so we started re-booking and our schedule got full again so we didn’t lose much time.  All the gigs ended up being outside which was awesome.  We’ve been out there ever since. 

What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning? What have you been listening to in the last few weeks?

Well I don’t own any records. I usually listen to what I want on YouTube. Believe it or not I like to listen to things like Electric Light Orchestra live, the Bee Gees, and the Beatles again all live performances. Oh and Rod Stewart live. 

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