Jadu Heart Announces third Record, ‘Derealised’, Shares New Single, ‘I Shimmer’

London-based duo Jadu Heart (Diva-Sachy Jeffrey and Alex Headford) announce their third album Derealised and share brand new track “I Shimmer”. The album will come out on January 20 via VLF Records. 
Derealised takes the grungier tones of their previous album Hyper Romance and adds widescreen soundscapes, bright melodies and gorgeously dreamy textures.
The album was worked out of their home in Stoke Newington having moved back from Bristol, burrowing down during lockdown to make their most interconnected body of work yet.
“The studio environment we’re in really helps with the character of the album,” Diva says. “Cocoon”, the lead single the duo previewed earlier this summer centers around this idea of safety and being protected in a home.
Their latest single, “I Shimmer” does a good job of explaining the scintillating beauty of the album and follows the driving, forceful indie-rock of “Cocoon”.
“‘I Shimmer’ is about that mania you can feel after a low”, the band explain.
“We can both go to dark places from time to time but there’s always a moment where you see a sliver of light and you’re like ‘fuck it, let’s go towards it’. It’s that journey from hopelessness to nihilism where you feel you can not be stopped. Where you follow a moment of clarity.”

Check out the single, ‘I Shimmer’ below.

 ‘Derealised’ will release on 20th January 2023 via VLF Records.

Check out the Tracklisting and Cover Art For ‘Derealised’ below.
01 – Glistener
02 – Cocoon
03 – Blame
04 – Freedom
05 – There Is No Door
06 – I Shimmer
07 – 8×8 Endless
08 – Sway
09 – You Are
10 – The Glass Box Between Me And You
11 – Webs
12 – Derealisation

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