Paraside Releases New Record, ‘Chapter 1: Dreams, Hopes And Other Obvious Lies’

Hungarian/American melodic symphonic rockers Paraside have dropped their new record: ‘Chapter I: Dreams, Hopes And Other Obvious Lies’.

Victor Racz says: “I wrote the backing track and Matt came up with the lyrics and the vocal melodies. We all recorded our own tracks in our own home studios and sent them over the Sweden to Stefan Helleblad of Within Temptation to mix and produce them. Once it was done it was sent to Netherland to Masterenzo Mastering for the final master”. 

He continues: “The cover was made by me using AI technology (this is my other hobby). I wanted to create an art that shows the innocent yet lonely girl who is still looking at ballons, but the balloons are ghosts in a destroyed city, representing our own souls and feelings”

Check out ‘Chapter 1: Dreams, Hopes And Other Obvious Lies’ below.

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