Novacrow Releases Debut Record, ‘Look At Me Now’

Since their inception in 2013, Novacrow has toured the UK extensively, released two EPs, countless singles, a compilation album, and nine music videos, and has even appeared on major European festivals such as Metal Days in 2017, Winter Days of Metal in 2018, Hard Rock Hell Ibiza in 2022 and their latest appearance on the New Blood Stage of Bloodstock 2022. And now, their long-anticipated debut album ‘Look At Me Now’ is finally out!

Deciding to take a short break from touring, Novacrow began writing ‘Look At Me Now’ in February 2020. The worldwide COVID pandemic gave the band time to focus on the song writing and to meticulously plan out the DIY approach to professionally record a full-length album. In their desire to not pull any punches, the album came out exactly as the band had intended: an honest collection of eclectic songs, each one a perfect and varied representation of the band’s various personalities.

The band recruited Scare Tactics drummer Stuart Barker to play on the album. The recording process kept being pushed back by the various lockdowns imposed on Liverpool during the time of the pandemic, but in December 2020 the band was finally able to start recording. As the album was entirely self-produced, the recording process took almost an entire year from start to finish, with bassist Freddy taking control of all production and engineering duties – from recording drums all the way to final masters. The whole recording process was filmed for an upcoming mini documentary the band is set to release.

Not wanting to hold anything back, three singles have already been released: ‘Hollow Armour’, ‘Day Break’, and ‘Medusa Medusa’ – each one featuring stunning new music videos unlike any the band has released before. To help achieve their vision, the band also recruited many friends and family to perform on their album including Oceanis vocalist Joe MaryanjiSlomo Casino and session drummer Jack Batchelor, session musician Robyn Wilkinson, amongst many others.

Check out Novacrow’s record, ‘Look At Me Now’, below.

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