Skidders Releases New Track, ‘Monday Is Calling’

Skidders (aka Steve Skidmore) is back with a brand new single taken from his critically acclaimed studio album ‘Friends & Family Vol. 2’. The album contains further songs after last year’s ‘Friends & Family’ album, written and dedicated to his friends and family members. About this third single, Monday Is Calling, he says:

I met David Bristoll working at an Engineering company in Pershore. I quickly found out we had a very similar sense of humour and enjoyed arranging many practical jokes, that normally ended up going well, but sometimes we rode our luck.

David is amazingly practical and has built beach buggies, clocks, banjos (he doesn’t play any instruments, but fancied making one) and his latest project is building bottom up, an old Volkswagen Beetle.

David’s wife, Siân and her mother, Margaret, are also terrific friends and terrific fun. We’ve holidayed together and now David does not work Mondays, we look forward to Monday picnics and pub lunch outings as regularly as we can make.

David often enjoyed forays with my late brother in law, Bob (see Bobby Dazzler on the album ‘Friends & Family Vol. 2’), particularly when my home brew was on tap.

Check out the track, ‘Monday Is Calling’ below.

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