Banji Releases Debut Record, ‘Freshcakes’

Utrecht quartet Banji have release debut album Freshcakes via [PIAS] Recordings.  

Freshcakes showcases the brand of indie-pop the quartet have been cultivating over the last year or so, harnessing the power of technicolour fun against a greyscale world. This upbeat sound belies the darker themes explored however – frontman Morris Brandt elaborates on how it has been a cathartic process for him and the band: 

“Banji’s songwriting has always reflected my surroundings and environment. Big themes of this album are struggling with adulthood, self-worth and self-esteem, mental health and frustrations, addiction, and finding your own self-discipline and maturity over time. The lyrics that flowed out of me throughout the making of Freshcakes tend to be built around introverted thoughts, personal social situations, and subjects that I find difficult to dissect. Stressful feelings about mistakes made, expectations unfulfilled, and the guilt that surrounds that. At a young age I’ve learned to use music as an output for frustration and stress. The main thing that I wanted to do with this record was find a place for those feelings and letting them go, kind of like therapy in a way.” 

1. Freshcakes
3. Chills
4. Listen
5. Dogbreath
6. Tired
8. Hothead
9. Lazy
10. Loudmouth
11. Waiting For U
12. Chatterbox
13. Maybe 

Stream ‘Freshcakes’ via your preferred service.

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