Cavetown Release New Track, ‘Frog’

Two weeks away from releasing their new record ‘worm food’, cavetown has shared a new track from the aforementioned release.

He had this to say about the song:

‘frog’ is about my girlfriend! We were both too shy to ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day I showed her a frog meme that said, ‘GF stands for girl-frog and BF stands for boy-frog’ and I said, ‘that’s us!’ She makes me feel better when I’m too inside my head and helps me remember to be present with the ones I care about.

The frog synth is a combo of Logic synths that I mixed together and was really fun to create. Similar to ‘1994’, I thought about how the synth sounds ould translate live and how people could hop around during the frog solo. I used to play a melodica at shows, which would have had a similar effect as the frog synth, but then we’d have to retune the entire set, so the melodica was retired for now.”

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