Lzzy Hale Release Gory New Video For ‘The Cutter’

GWAR have dropped their latest video for ‘The Cutter’. IT’s one epic track which features Hailstorm’s Lzzy Hale.

In the video, Lzzy plays a big part in the piece and it’s pretty dman good!

Frontman Blothar had this to say:

Lzzy Hale is wonderfully talented. Few realize she is also an undercover Scumdog who came to Earth with the rest of GWAR aeons ago under her true name Clitaurus Maximus of the Maximus clan. We are delighted to have her voice and image on this work of absolute genius.” 

And Lzzy added this:

“I, Clitaurus Maximus The She Bull… hereby declare, THE CUTTER as myFIRST feature in a MOTHERFUCKING GWAR SONG!  Thank you so much to these interplanetary warriors for the much-appreciated bloodletting, and for giving this lil’ beast the opportunity to rear her three ugly heads!” 

Check out the video for ‘The Cutter’ but please be warned, it is extremely NSFW and not one for the squeamish.

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