Crown The King Achieve Mastery With Pop-Punk Ballad ‘Reel To Reel’

Ireland’s most exciting emerging pop-punk band CROWN THE KING are back with new sing-along ballad ‘Reel To Reel’.

The track, which was written and recorded with producer Stephen Youster, tells the story of a friend who is dealing with emotional turmoil but is attempting to carry on as if everything is okay. As the mask slips, vocalist Daniel Gannon asks the protagonist to “Tell me how you really feel”.

“The recording process for ‘Reel To Reel’ was entirely different from every track we’ve done so far.” says drummer Jamie Doran. “We recorded in Clomantagh Castle, a 15th century castle in County Kilkenny and the space was so unique that we literally had to stomp around shouting to find the spot with the best acoustics for each part of the recording process. For drums, we ended up in a tiny landing at the top of the stairs and with a sound so loud that we used a microphone on the floor below. There was a winding stone stairway that offered some of the best natural distortion and reverb on a snare I’ve ever heard. It was a rewarding experiment in sound.”

Check out ‘Reel To Reel’ below.

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