Averlanche’s New Single “Little Lotus” Available Now!

Averlanche have just dropped their new single “Little Lotus”. along with a Hollywood-style music video. The single is taken from their upcoming second album “Arctic Atlas” and is available on all streaming platforms.

Little Lotus tells a tale about corrupted beauty and combines the freezing north wind with an atmospheric verse, brought to life by Otto Haalahti‘s beautiful guitar playing. Creating the song and filming the music video were experiences that happened exactly at the right time for the band.

“The idea for Little Lotus came from the guitar melody in the song’s verse. Originally I composed the melody on my keyboard, but later on I changed it to be played by the guitar. Little Lotus was easy to shape into its final form and everyone in our band agreed that we just have to shoot a music video for it. It is fun to play and I can’t wait to play it live at our concert at On The Rocks in Helsinki!” – Antti Kopra, keyboards.

Check out the video for ‘Little Lotus’ below.

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