Hail the Sun Share Latest Track, ‘Mind Reader’

Progressive alternative quintet Hail The Sun released their new single and video “Mind Rider” on Equal Vision Records.

Their new single is their first release since critically acclaimed 2021 album New Age Filth. The band will be joining fellow luminaries The Sounds of Animals Fighting on a month long North American tour starting on Friday, January 6th. 

“Mind Rider” is a musical tour de force that demonstrates the bands ability to mesh virtuosic playing with memorable songwriting. Swirling guitars and angular drumming provide a perfect backdrop for Melero’s soaring vocals, supported by a driving rhythm and lush production. Angular guitar and bass riffs weave in and out of one another with an impressive technicality that doesn’t distract from the deeply melodic quality of the song. Hail The Sun has always been a band known for their relentless sonic exploration, and their new song shows just how committed they are to the journey. You can stream “Mind Rider” here

The band has this to say about the message of their new song: 

“Temptation is all around us and can be magnified at various points of our life. Why does it feel so good to give into it, even when we know we shouldn’t? Not sure it is ever worth it, but we live and learn based on our individual moral compasses.”

Check out the video for ‘Mind Reader’ below.

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