Safire Releases Powerful New Single, ‘Angels & Demons’

SAFIRE’s new single is a powerful and intoxicating collision of sounds, perpetuating her genre-fluidity. She draws on influences from the grunge of industrial, goth and metal to pure pop hooks and the pulsating insatiability of dance music with hypnotic beats.

“When writing the lyrics and melodies for Angels & Demons I closed my eyes and imagined a demon leaning over my shoulder from behind me and whispering my fears into my ear at my lowest and most vulnerable point, taking me deeper into their world,” says SAFIRE (she/they). 

“I’ve battled with traumatic childhood/teenage experiences (demons) throughout my life and this track explores those dark thoughts and my battle to see the light in those moments. ‘Angels & Demons’ represents good/evil, light/dark and happiness/depression. I chose to sing on this track because I wanted to share a piece of my soul and allow myself to feel and ‘be’ vulnerable with others. Using my voice in this way enables you to hear the pain I’m experiencing. This isn’t something I often feel like I can do. I stopped singing a couple of years ago and I also stopped crying because I arrived at a point where I just couldn’t allow myself to fall apart. This track gave me a rare opportunity to let some of that out and to share something intimate and very personal and my hope is that it connects with others that are battling with the same thoughts and emotions that I’m sharing on this track. The one thing I’m sure of is that as much as the darkness exists that the light does too and I fight my way to that light every day.”

Hackney-born, Brighton-based independent artist SAFIRE has only released a handful of tracks to date but is already garnering a rapt following with her focus on female empowerment, dominance and sexuality. Collaborating with Dan Weller (Holding Absence, The Amazons, ZAND), Tylr Rydr (Cassyette, Bambi Thug, James Indigo) and Kai Smith (Anne Marie, Dua Lipa, Alien Blaze), she’s been catching attention from underground blogs and a broad range of DSP playlists, through to the broadcasting behemoth that is BBC Radio 1. SAFIRE is a multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer with something to say.

Check out ‘Angels & Demons’ below.

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