Check Out New Single, ‘The Seed’ From ‘M.Byrd’

German-based artist M. Byrd expands moments of stark intimacy to widescreen proportions boosted by shoegaze scope, alternative boldness, and pop palatability. Today, he announces his new album The Seed will be released June 16th via Nettwerk, and shares the album’s title track. 

The forthcoming album was created in an old military squash court turned studio and came about during the start of the war in Ukraine and the overwhelming feeling of helplessness that surrounded him.
“We realized then that nothing will ever be, no matter how far away you feel from something that’s happening in the world, independent from the suffering out there. It was a hard realization but we needed to figure out a way to deal with it. Listening to the whole album reminded me of holding a seed in my hands. It felt like the start of something and symbolized birth in times of chaos. The song and the album, we decided, had to be called nothing more and nothing less – The Seed,” states M. Byrd about the creation of The Seed.

Check out ‘The Seed’ below.

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