Check Out Featurette’s New Single, ‘Cocaine’

Featurette is a late night snack of gritty earporn with hooks you can sink your teeth into. Think Flume meets Nine Inch Nails with a little Billie Eilish sprinkled in there. Female fronted by Lexie Jay (Vox) and backed by bandmates Marc Koecher (Keys/Synth/Guitar) and Jon Fedorsen (Drums/Synths), the Toronto-based project are genre-bending and ready to carve out their own niche with their dark, bouncy, and addictive sounds.

With the new track, ‘Cocaine’, it’s a total heart rush of addictive beats, run-on sentences, and cyclical thoughts. It’s absolutely relentless and provides no relief.

On the track, ‘Lexie Jay'(Vocals) says:

Obsession has been a topic I’ve been stuck on since the pandemic started. Too much time to think coupled with a racing mind has been a recipe for disaster, so I started writing some of my thoughts down and trying to capture what that might sound like.

Jay adds:

Someone close to me recently gave me permission to go all the way with my art, to lean into the uncomfortable topics and make those really fucking weird sounds. For me, this is my first attempt at delving into the uglier bits of the human experience.

It’s a genre-bending little jackrabbit of a track, it scratches that itch in my brain that I’ve been dying to explore.

I’m looking forward to leaning into the weird much more in our next few releases.

Check out ‘Cocaine’ below.

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