Sun Room Create An Idealistic Endless Summer With New Single, ‘Kaden’s Van’

Clocking in at a little over two and a half minutes, Sun Room put their modern spin on the theme to a 1960s beach party film with today’s release of “Kaden’s Van“. A rebellious, guitar-driven anthem for pushing aside your worries and responsibilities while with friends, the track has a finger on the pulse of the skate and surf culture the band was molded by. Bringing their global buzz back home, Sun Room will celebrate the release of their new single with a show tonight at San Diego’s infamous SOMA.

Coming on March 3, the band will release their highly anticipated EP Outta Their Minds. Holding onto the authenticity of their DIY house show/ garage band practice roots despite their meteoric rise over the last two years, Sun Room taps into the unbridled energy of four young guys who have fully thrown themselves into what they do.

Lead singer Luke Asgian said, “I dropped outta college last year for the band but I still live down here in San Diego with 10 of my friends from school. This song is kinda about summer down here and all that brings; us getting the cops called on us for throwing house shows, my buddy Kaden’s van breaking down, barely scraping up enough cash for rent, etc. It’s chaotic but it’s fun and I think the song turned out the same way.”

He continues, “We were gone on tour almost all of this past year, but we had the summer back home and we wrote and recorded the song in the midst of the chaos; so I guess it’s a love song to San Diego and all the kids down here who mosh at our house shows.”

Check out ‘Kaden’s Van’ below.

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