Aussie Alt Punks Dust Announce Signing With Canine Records

dust, the blazing post-punk quintet based in Awabakal Land / Newcastle, today announce their signing to Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear, Chairlift), alongside their expansion to the Rad Music Management and X-Ray Touring for UK/Euro  families respectively.  In April, they’ll be taking on an extensive series of UK and EU live dates with Hockey Dad.

With the announcement, the group have shared a stylish live video of recent release ‘The Gutter‘.

The track is a direct observation on classism and the imbalance of power and equality that very much still exists today. The lyrics, delivered with power behind them, have a strangely hypnotic quality; for fans of bands like DIIV, Protomaryr, King Krule and Aphex Twin

Speaking about their signing, Kanine Records’ Kay Quartararo shares: “It took exactly .2 seconds to know we wanted to sign dust. Their music is immediate, yet very thoughtful. You can tell they have something they need to say and are not afraid to be emotional about it, which makes them incredibly refreshing. It’s kind of crazy how we can live clear across the globe and feel an instant connection. We can’t wait to see dust in this hemisphere, but they are set to storm Europe first.” 

Check out the video for ‘The Gutter’ below.

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