Veil Of The Serpent Release Lyric Video For ‘The End And The Begining’

Following up on their critically acclaimed three track concept EP “Gallery Of Sin“, metal masters VEIL OF THE SERPENT have now shared the lyric video for “The End And The Beginning“. The track is the third part of the brutal horror story the band created for the EP.

Commenting on the idea behind the track, vocalist JD Stafford says:
“The story is taking place in Noxa City. A serial killer starts terrorizing the citizens and a mysterious new art gallery depicting wickedness gains mass popularity. A detective is trying to hunt down the serial killer that makes paintings using the blood of his victims. But in reality the detective has a split personality and is actually the killer. In “The End And The Beginning” he realizes this and the personalities fight and the evil personality takes over permanently.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘The End And The Beginning’ below.

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