Caskets Release New single, ‘By The Sound’

Caskets have a new track out in the form of ‘By The Sound’

Frontman Matt Flood comments: “By The Sound is a story of wanting to have that perfect life, the perfect moments with the perfect person; life doesn’t quite pan out that way.

We get engulfed in all the glitz and glamour that life has to offer when we’re young and impressionable, but the world is an unpredictable and unforgiving place. I always believed it would be easy; school, college, university and stepping into the real world. I wasn’t ready for when reality smacked me in the face. I wasn’t ready to realise it’s hard as hell. I really wasn’t ready for how hard relationships with people can be, swallowing your pride just to make peace. Fighting hour after hour and all you want to do is feel love for the person who you’re clashing with. There are times where it feels like the entire world and everyone in it is actively working against your happiness. This song is about the desire to put suffering, hatred & greed all to one side and feel like you can breathe without choking. I’m still actively learning how to become a better person than the one I was yesterday and that’s what By The Sound is about.”

Check out ‘By The Sound’ below.

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