Cruush Announce Debut EP, ‘Wishful Thinker’

Manchester shoegaze risers cruush have announced their debut EP Wishful Thinker for April 14th via Heist or Hit and release new single ‘Stick In The Mud’ today. 

“I guess you can say our music has the sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher” goes the droll mantra from cruush vocalist & front-person Amber Warren.

New single ‘Stick In The Mud’ grinds forwards with pendulum-esque persistence. Acidic distortion-washes and a subterranean bass and kick drum combo paint an impressionistic 3D sonic landscape which houses Amber’s honeyed vocals.

She explains the thematic aspect of the song as: “The soundtrack to the destructive grind of the hospitality machine. The music is akin to tumbling down a flight of stairs and landing in a heap at the bottom, shaking yourself off before going straight down the next flight; reflecting exactly what I was putting myself and people I care about through at the time.”

Guitarist Arthur Boyd adds:

“Exploring feelings of longing. Dealing with complacency. Getting stuck in a rut. Doom scrolling. Comparing yourself to others, then feeling pretty useless.” 

Check out ‘Stick In The Mud’ below.

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