Occult Rockers Midnight Guest Releases New Single, ‘Seize The Doomsday’

Apocalyptic landscapes and a critique of consumerism and messianism mark “Seize the Doomsday”, heavy new single from Midnight Guest.

“The song talks about radical ‘survivalists’; those people who keep stocking a heaps of food and weapons waiting for some catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions. I started writing because I thought it was hilarious how commercially this is exploited, but in the end ultimately the song ended up being more about one’s life revolving around waiting for a great catastrophe. Sometimes it’s almost like they’re rooting for it to happen. AND narrated in the first person, through the eyes of someone who sees himself as – or would like to be – a like Noé”, says guitarist Daniel Stunges.

Check out ‘Seize The Doomsday’ below.

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