Scowl Impress With Lush New Mix Of Alt & Hardcore For New Single, ‘Shot Down’

Scowl have shared their new track “Shot Down,” the second single off their highly-anticipated EP, Psychic Dance Routine, set for release April 7th 2023 on Flatspot Records.

Diving into the lyrics of “Shot Down,” vocalist Kat Moss stated:

“This song is supposed to represent a battle between concealing your fears and vulnerability and desperately opening up about said fears. I’m expressing distaste and fury towards the fearful part of myself, “Hate you right now” is aimed at myself. “I wanna impress, impressive sound” – I’m begging to feel confident in my own work and I feel as though this song stealthily disguises those internal fears in a bubblegum hook, only to be immediately punched in the gut with fast guitars and harsh vocals.”

Check out ‘Shot Down’ below.

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