Psychotic Apes Release New Music Video For ‘Stab’

“A New Lifetime” is the second studio album by the band Psychotic Apes. The album features the songs from the “Lifetime” EP, remixed and remastered, and four new tracks. The album was preceded by the singles “Under the Dusk” and “Stab”, each accompanied by a music video directed by Thales Victor and Ayrthon Medeiros, respectively. The material has just been released by the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records.

“Under the Dusk” brings a sound between grunge and hard rock, very characteristic of the band. The lyrics deal with dreams, redemption and the inevitable encounter with the beast that exists within us. “Stab” is certainly one of the band’s most direct and heaviest songs, with metal influences being more present. The lyrics are a catharsis of symbolic brutality against the tyranny that plagues the present day.

In addition to them, the disc also features a hard rock version of “Lovely Dirty Words” (recorded on the first album in acoustic format), “Foot Wound”, “Lifetime”, “Lighthouse”, “The Day When the Beast Returned” and “Modern Primate”. 

Check out the video for ‘Stab’ below and stream the record, ‘A New Lifetime’ via the following link.

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