Alt. Announce New Record, ‘Abeyance’

ABEYANCE: a state of temporary disuse or inactivity. More accurately, the polar opposite to Adelaide rockers alt.’s modus operandi, emerging from a turbulent few years armed with rejuvenated focus and ferocity, as well as their debut full-length album ABEYANCE ready to stupefy the senses and catapult one of the city of churches’ brightest stars further into the spotlight. 

Due out on Friday 16 June via Resist RecordsABEYANCE will feature the group’s recent singles THE GREAT DEPRESSION and WRAITH, as well as a brand new track dropping today to accompany alt.‘s album announcement: enter A.D.D, a futuristic and, at times, industrial wormhole that flits between crystalline calm and stadium-ready, scathing arrangements. 

“We didn’t really know what Abeyance was going to sound like initially,” vocalist Dan Richards reveals of the album’s early days. “The first two songs that we had for ABEYANCE were polar opposites from each other, they were WRAITH and BETTER OFF LEAVING, the former being pretty much the first proper track and the latter being the last song on the album. We started off trying to fill in the gaps between those at first, but a few songs after that we really found what we wanted the sound to be – and it all really started with A.D.D, that was the first song we wrote that we were like: ‘Yep, this is the sound of ABEYANCE!’”.

Check out the video for ‘A.D.D’ below.

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