Gilska Shares New Single, ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

London-born, Sri Lankan-originating solo artist Gilska shares the pulsing new single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ a unique blend of tight electronic music and pop tendencies to create an intense alternative-electronic-pop sonic experience. 

Punching beats pull the bright soundscapes of modulated synths, layered arpeggiators and cutting vocal samples to create a danceable, 80s influenced electronic soundscape. Topped with Gilska’s ever infectious, silky, breathy lead vocals, the track is given a melodic central hook reinforced by the relatable, melancholic-yet-defiant lyricism. 

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Gilska explains: “This single is very literal. Realising the ugly truth about a situation that you thought would be great for you that turned out to be a complete manipulation and deceiving lie. 

I think a lot of people look for closure when they still want situations to work out even when it means putting themselves in vulnerable positions and so I really want to shed light and empower people that can relate. It’s giving them a chance to feel gothic-sexy and bringing the energy of being reborn.”

Check out ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ below.

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