Holiday Ghosts Release New Record, ‘Absolute Reality’

Garage rockers Holiday Ghosts recently released their latest album ‘Absolute Reality’, via cult tastemaker label FatCat Records (TRAAMS, Honeyblood, The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks).

Arriving as the follow-up to acclaimed 2022 EP ‘Credit Note’, ‘Absolute Reality’ moves through different themes of social commentary, with fiery lyrics and hard-picked guitars, it holds both honest confessions and tall tales, lived stories and movie-like landscapes. It’s full of the noise and texture that Holiday Ghosts love from New York Punk music and New Wave records, seen in tracks such as ‘B. Truck’ and ‘Vulture’, as well as softer moments and sparse arrangements presented in ‘Blue’ and ‘Limbo’. It is poetically resolute in its interpretations of life – giving us a glimpse into joy alongside anger, fear followed by love, a journey true to the everyday human experience. It is diverse, yet decided.

Speaking ahead of their LP release, co-vocalist Kat Kackin explained: “I think the album delivers our familiar jangle in tracks like ‘Favourite Freak’ and ‘Again and Again’, but I feel like it really moves into new territories in darker songs like ‘Vulture’, and the title track ‘Absolute Reality’, where we’ve put extra focus on space and textures.

Vocalist/guitarist Sam Stacpoole added: “This is the first album that we’ve ever outsourced an engineer to work with in the studio. It was great for me to finally not be wearing both hats of performing and engineering at once. I was able to focus a lot more on what I was playing on guitar. We were lucky enough to work with two different engineers for this record, both Ben Woods from The Golden Dregs, and Phil Booth of JTSoar Studio”.

Check out the record, ‘Absolute Reality’ below.

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