Single Review – Delaire The Liar – bite trap.

bite trap, is the first new material from English rock trio Delaire The Liar since the release of their 2021 EP, ‘Eat Your Own’ and it is truly welcomed. This lovely fast paced trio were welcomed newcomers on the scene quickly gaining popularity and heading out on tour after tour generating a good fanbase wherever they went and the new release is a step forward in their punkier and heavier elements which they embrace beautifully.

‘bite trap’ does feel tonally similar to earlier material such as their 2021 single ‘Furnace’ as well as ‘Dog’ off their ‘Eat Your Own’ EP but the fast paced Emo-Punk nature to the release feels just as raw and energetic, if not more and it’s utterly fantastic to hear the band thriving so much with their magnificent return. An absolutely brilliant anthem to mark their retune just before they head out on a three day tour of the UK as part of ‘Rude Records: The Getaway Tour’ and if anything, I can imagine a few good mosh pits or possibly even a circle pit?

Speaking about the new track, the band have explained how it was the product of exploring a new style of writing, saying:

“Whilst staying true to our tastes, we relied on our gut and immediate feeling to guide the makeup of the song and didn’t allow ourselves the space to over-think and over-complicate the process.” 

“If it sucked, it went; if it fucked, it stayed.” 

“The narrative explores how people defend themselves and the ones they care about, and how those responses can be misjudged, irrational and charged even with the best intentions at heart.”


Check out the video for ‘bite trap’ below.

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