Listen To Lazy Queens Recent EP, ‘Growing Pains’ & Single, ‘I See You’

Norway-based punks Lazy Queen have released their scorching new EP “Growing Pains” via Swedish label, Icons Creating Evil Art. They celebrate this breakthrough release with new single “I See You”.

A feisty yet empathy driven track, “I See You” was the first song finished on “Growing Pains” and details the human experience of behavioural pattern forming, set to a tremendous punk-esque soundscape.

“Being blind and falling victim to our own behavioural patterns and shortcomings, both big and small, just seems to be such a universal part of being human.” Henrik details, explaining “It’s both something I’d experience myself, but also see happen to friends, and people around me. And as it often is, it’s so much easier to meet others’ shortcomings with empathy and understanding, versus allowing yourself that same grace. This change of perspective, and how my reactions, feelings and responses would change depending on the situation became the inspiration for the song.”

During the period in which Growing Pains was written I also came to know the true nature of someone in my close circle, and so I and we had to learn what behaviour we can accept and what we can’t. Just cause you’re trying to practise more empathy doesn’t mean you can let people step all over you. So it also becomes about setting healthy boundaries, whether or not the person in question is also a victim of their own patterns. Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and shout: why the fuck do we keep falling into these same pitfalls time and time again.”

“Growing Pains” arrives with not one, but two new singles – “Dumb MF” is a tongue-in-cheek ode to egocentric self-destruction.

Concerned with self-reflection, growth and accountability, and backed up by passionate and refreshing songwriting, “Growing Pains” is a 6 track taster of what is still to come from Lazy Queen. Recorded in Taakeheimen Lydriket, the new EP was co-produced by Morten Øby and Henrik Gracía Søberg. Having been a big part of the production on previous releases Get Home or Die Trying, and especially A Human Reaction, this is the first official producer credit for García Søberg on a Lazy Queen record.  

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