Speed Release Tour Documentary Highlighting Hardcore In Southeast Asia

Since the release of their Gang Called Speed EP on Flatspot Records last June, Australian hardcore band Speed have been creating a buzz around the world. Every show they play has sold out, whether in Australia, their recent first tour in North America, and this past March when the band traveled to Southeast Asia. Today, the band shares a documentary following their time in Southeast Asia highlighting the four intense shows, making new friends, and meeting some incredible bands along the way.

The band kicked the tour off with Whispers in Thailand, before getting a quick lesson on the history of hardcore in Singapore. Band members and brothers Jem and Aaron connect with their roots in Malaysia, and the tour concludes with a chaotic carpark show in Indonesia. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, hardcore in the region is truly alive and spinkicking and Speed showcase the connectivity of the scene on a worldwide scale. The documentary was produced by Darryl Carulli at 510haven, and directed by Carulli and Speed, you can watch it here now.

Check out the Documentary below.

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