The Dark Side Of The Moon Reveals New Track, ‘New Horizons’

Modern metal quartet The Dark Side Of The Moon have dropped the second original song of their catalog to date, the beautiful “New Horizons”, just in time for the release of their enchanting debut album, Metamorphosis.

In addition, the track release aligns with the band’s first live show ever, supporting Feuerschwanz and Warkings.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON have already received impressive attention during their short existence, with the music video for the band’s first ever original song, “The Gates Of Time”, racking up 500k views on YouTube to date, and the cover of Game Of Thrones track “Jenny Of Oldstones”, as well as Lord of the Rings soundtrack song “May It Be”, gaining more than a million streams and video views combined.

On “New Horizons”, the four-piece consisting of highly skilled musicians from FeuerschwanzAmaranthe and Ad Infinitum are joined by Fabienne Erni of Eluveitie. The phenomenal voices of Melissa Bonny and Fabienne Erni compliment each other, and the spectacular performance music video leads the listener into a dreamy fantasy world.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON on “New Horizons”:
Finally, the time has come, we are about to release our debut album! And to celebrate this, there is a new video.. It’s the second self-written song you’ll hear from us, and as a guest we have the fantastic Fabienne Erni from Eluveitie – a very special honor for us!”

Check out ‘New Horizons’ below.

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