Tokky Horror Release New EP, ‘KAPPACORE’

Punk collective TOKKY HORROR have dropped their huge, addictive and chaotic brand new EP ‘KAPPACORE‘, via Venn Records.

In celebration of the release, the band have their new single ‘MAXINE’. 

Speaking about the new single the band said, “Maxine is a perfect example of collaboration breathing new life into an idea. We’d been sat on the instrumental version for over a year, and wasn’t until we got into the studio with Blazer that it really came into its own. We wanted to capture the atmosphere of rave culture but play it as a band. It’s got all the breaks, bass lines, stabs that a rave track would carry. It’s just done live”

Check out ‘MAXINE’ below.

On the EP, the band say:

Speaking about the EP the band said, “This is the last thing we’ll put out before disappearing to record our album. It’s road tested, high energy material from the first era of Tokky Horror. We’ve wanted to meld breakbeats with visceral guitars as we usually do, but expanded our range of sampling further and pushed our weirdness at times, there’s less out-and-out riffs and more times where our love of Orbital and Aphex Twin shines through. It’s still a record for the punks, just not purists.”

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