Airports Speaks About Loss In Emotional Fuelled Track ‘NEED U HERE’

On a unique path to carve his own sound and legacy – Brisbane based singer, writer and Platinum producer Aaron Lee, aka AIRPORTS, dropped the latest offering, ‘NEED U HERE’.

Without skimping on relatable and well-crafted lyricism, this Australian one man army takes listeners on a journey into his own self-awareness, overcoming battles such as loss and life threatening illnesses, forming deeper connections with his fans. 

“NEED U HERE” demonstrates the songwriters desire to speak about raw, real and personal experiences. Touching on loss and everything that comes with it, the emotion-fuelled track covers loss of a loved one, as well as loss of true self and identity, allowing listeners to connect with his lyrics on a multitude of levels. 

“NEED U HERE” is the perfect example of the artist tastefully blending two sonic worlds. Aaron shares, “Musically, I’ve always loved bands like Pendulum and how they blended rock with drum n bass. I’m more of a pop punk singer and have wanted to play with the idea of that over drum n bass in a similar but fresh vein.” 

Check out ‘NEED U HERE’ below.

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